Kids party catering for allergies, coeliacs and more

Kids party catering for allergies, coeliacs and more

If you are like me you rarely have time to cook, but ironically you need to prepare everything for your family to keep them healthy. So, planning a birthday party for a child with multiple allergies and or intolerances is quite overwhelming. Below are some ideas to help you with your planning. They are generally quick and easy ideas. Most party treats listed are not store bought but with a little time, energy and pre-planning, you can host a party that caters for your child that they will love and importantly, other children will not notice the missing ingredients.

  • Hopper gluten free honeycomb (dipped in tolerated chocolate).
  • Balls of cake on a stick dipped in tolerated chocolate and coated with hundreds and thousands.
  • Use Well and Good or Orgran cake mix for a light and fluffy cake. Can also use egg replacer well. Bake and freeze for best results and defrost when ready to serve. 
  • Meringues – coloured with Hopper natural colours and topped with hundreds and thousands. If you are making egg free, you can do this with aquafaba instead of egg.
  • Doughnuts – use a doughnut maker very quick and easy and work well even when dairy, egg, gluten free. You can even stack them to make a cake.
  • Plain iced cookies. See here
  • Meat balls with a dip.
  • Chips – Kettle or Smiths chips -plain
  • Chicken nuggets – crumbed chicken and baked, grilled or fried.
  • Hot Chips – make your own with a healthy fryer, or use store bought oven baked chips –
  • Rocky Road – white marshmellows, chocolate, cashews (if tolerated), honeycomb.
  • Fairy bread – Bakers delight or Brumbys bread with nuttelex and Hopper sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.
  • Ceres Organic rice crackers with dip – Philadelphia cream cheese, 3 bean dip or other.
  • Sausage rolls made with Pastry pantry gluten free pastry.
  • Sausage in bread – make your own sausages with mince, bread crumbs, rice flour, chives and any other tolerated finely chopped vegetables.  You can roll them and grill or bake them or you can use collagen casings which can be bought online from
  • Party bags – try some non food ideas; party shops, art and craft or $2 shops are good places to find suitable items. Please note: some of these options may not be suitable for individuals depending on their allergies or intolerances.


In my experience, you always have to take your own food or you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences if a reaction takes place. Every child is different in terms of what they can cope with and how they react. You are the best judge as to how much of a risk to take.   So, if you are the mum of kinder or primary aged children you are probably spending a lot of your time preparing food that your child can eat so they won’t feel left out. Here are some ideas of things you can provide with limited preparation:

  • White musk sticks.
  • Fairy bread with favourite/ tolerated natural sprinkles or 100s and 1000s.
  • Werthers originals, white milk bottles
  • Party pies or mini sausage rolls made with pastry pantry (gluten free) or Mini crustless quiches using left overs as filling, * if egg tolerated.
  • Fairy floss White
  • Milkybar or Milky Way – if milk tolerated
  • White marshmellows
  • Pear flavoured lollypops.
  • Pretzels
  • Just Wholefoods All Natural Jellies – Strawberry, Raspberry, Lemon or Tropical
  • Eco Vital lollies – Jelly Fruits, Sour Snakes, Gummy Bears
  • Koochikoo sugar free lollipops
  • If you have other ideas to add, please Contact Us we would love to hear from you.

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