Failsafe Christmas Food Ideas

Failsafe Christmas Food Ideas

If you are on a Failsafe or RPAH strict elimination diet and looking for some inspiration this Christmas – here are some ideas to help you enjoy some special Christmas treats:


Iced and decorated with hundreds and thousands. We use the recipe out of the Failsafe cookbook for butterscotch biscuits, but you can adapt any gingerbread recipe depending on what ingredients are tolerated.


Ingredients: jersey caramels, 30g nuttelex and 2 cups rice bubbles.

Instructions: Melt jersey caramels and nuttelex and pour into rice bubbles. Mix through and then pour mixture into a flat tray. Place in fridge to set, then cut in to bars.


Buy a polyfoam cone and decorate with lollypops, musk sticks, columbines, jersey caramels, marshmellows, werthers or any other tolerated treat.  Finish off the tree with cellophane, stars, and other Christmassy decorations.


Ingredients: Tolerated icecream and a mixture of tolerated treats.

Instructions: Slightly melt icecream, mix in assortment of treats and refreeze.

Try mixing – marshmellows, honeycombe, choc buds, rice bubbles, caramels, hopper salted caramel, honeycomb pieces. 

Drizzle melted chocolate over the top and sprinkle with hundreds and 1000s.


Making your own rocky road is actually very easy – mix together melted chocolate, rice bubbles, marshmellows, and if tolerated – cashews. Combine together in a bowl and press into a deep baking tray. Place in fridge to set and then slice to desired size.


Caramelise peeled fresh or tinned pears with brown sugar. Slightly cook pizza base in oven and then and spread pear over pizza base. Bake pizza to warm pear


Buy yourself some collagen casings for sausage rolls. We bought ours from Then mix up a sausage mix with tolerated ingredients. Eg mince, chives, spring onions, bread crumbs, rice flour, garlic. Feed the mix into the sausage casings. Cook sausages as usual.You can have the sausages on their own or mix them into a dish. On a hot day you can make a pasta salad with sausage, tolerated vegetables, using garlic, nuttelex and salt as a flavour, or make a cheesy sauce.


Really quick to make and delicious to eat. Buy some sweet crust Pastry Pantry pastry if gluten free or other tolerated pastry. Use a glass or mug to cut circle size pieces out of the pastry and gently press them into a muffin tray. Then cut out circles for lids of the pies and leave them aside. Put baking paper over the bases and put them in the oven as instructed on the packet to cook. After about 10min you take the baking paper off and cook for another 5min or so.  Take the pies out of the oven, allow to cool and then place in desired ingredients. We used mashed up tinned pear and a few small slices of banana mixed with a tiny amount of brown sugar, but you could really use any tolerated fruit or even custard. Gently press lids onto filled bases and put back in the oven to cook until lids are golden brown.  Pull out and serve hot or cold. They are so good!

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