Easter Food And Non-Food Ideas

Easter Food And Non-Food Ideas


The first ever ‘Easter Egg’ my youngest had was made with icing sugar and mashed potato. You mash a potato – with no water, and use about 1-2 tbsp to about 1/2 bag of pure icing sugar. You keep stirring and blending til you get a consistency that is thick enough to roll into little balls without them flopping.


Raw chocolate balls are a great way to consume and give as presents to people that are lactose intolerant or have nut allergies. They are super easy to make: all you need is dates, cacao powder, agave (or other sweetner of your choice), coconut, coconut oil, goji berries and perhaps a natural flavoured essence. Once blended, just roll into balls, place in the fridge for 30mins and serve. You then have guilt free chocolate balls for easter that look and taste fantastic! There’s no reason to deprive yourself just because you have an allergy. Be creative! Thanks to Monique


I make little easter choccies out of white choc melts (no cocoa, no flavours – meets our needs to gluten free & failsafe) and put them in plastic eggs … and then we hide them around the yard with messages in them too so they know where to find the next clue. Our 5 & 7 year old love it and enjoy their little munchies along the way. Thanks to Belinda

We are no colours/additives and sals/amines sensitive. We do fillable plastic eggs filled with homemade white choc bunnies (I use moulds), then for the grand finale of the hunt we have a non-choc present which is totally not in keeping with any Easter tradition (ie. it’s Lego this year!!) and also something yummy from Allergy train (bilby and egg this year for each of them). Otherwise the kids make cut-out Easter shortbread bikkies with their cousins. Not as hard as I thought it would be when we first did it 2 years ago!! Karina


I make our kids easter treats, chocolate eggs filled with lollies they can eat and also fill half an egg with homemade rocky road. They love it and want it all year round. At least this way I know what is in it and no hidden surprises of horrible nasties. Michelle


This year I’ll be melting down some chocolate, and making ‘freckles’, the first time my son will have tried anything like it 🙂Tash


Our family tradition is to carefully extract the inside of eggs and then creatively stain the shells with food colouring, not only is it diet friendly they make long lasting memorable gifts! Amanda


We still do traditional eggs left by the Easter bunny, but with my 3 year old allergic to milk, eggs, peanuts, treenuts, sesame and soy it gets hard. This is the first soy free Easter, so no more Sweet William bunnies, but we buy Bonvita and Moo Free from Allergy Train 🙂 we also make our own hot cross buns and Easter biscuits. Lisa

This is our first allergy Easter- but we will still do an Easter egg hunt (allergy train eggs) along with finger painting a large egg paper cut out each year. Abbe


Allergy free easter cupcakes.  =) Veron

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