How to make your own Chocolate Easter Eggs

How to make your own Chocolate Easter Eggs

Would you like to be able to make your own Chocolate Easter Eggs, but don't have a clue how?

It's really not that hard and it is lots of fun too. You can be as creative as you like once you have the hang of the process. 

Follow these instructions and you'll be very proud of yourself for your creations.



Melt chocolate buttons or a block suitable in a bowl on top of a saucepan full of water, on low heat so that the steam does not affect the chocolate. If you have a candy thermometer don't use the chocolate until it is around 30deg. Otherwise, go til it is just melted. You can stir the last few buttons into the mix after you take the bowl off the heat.


1. Fill one half egg with melted chocolate until the choc is about 1cm from the rim. Then join the two halves together by connecting the second half on top of the filled mould, and using bull dog clips and /or rubber bands to seal tightly.


2. Rotate the chocolate around the seams of the mould and then around the rest of the mould until the whole area is covered.  Leave to sit for a couple of minutes on the side you didn't initially fill.


3. Continue to rotate the mould and leave to sit on the opposite side, until the chocolate is cool. 


4. Once the chocolate is cool. Place the mould flat in the fridge for a few minutes then once again rotate around seams. You might need to shake here. Flip to opposite side, and put back in the fridge for a few minutes.

5. When the mould seems to separate a little from the chocolate, it is time to open the mould and gently tip out your egg into your hand. If it does not come out easily, then leave it in the fridge for longer.



If your chocolate breaks when you pop it out or is really uneven, then you can try 
a. filling the mould more so there is more chocolate to go around

b. making sure your chocolate is not too runny to start with so it sets quicker during the first few rotations.

c. mark the sides of the mould so you know which side was face up on last rotation.

Note: An alternative is to half fill a half egg mould with chocolate, rotate it round to cover the mould. Let it set, the add some sweet treats and then pour chocolate over the top to hold it in place.  Voila.. loaded egg.



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