Parties - Endure or Enjoy?

Parties - Endure or Enjoy?

What's one of the hardest things about living with food allergies, intolerances or special dietary needs?

Personal experience and years of hearing from our customers would tell us that by far one of the hardest things in living with special dietary needs is the capacity to feel 'included' at a social gathering. 

How many of these have happened to you? 
  • You don't get invited to events because others find it too hard to cater for you  
  • You feel left out watching other people eat things you cannot have,  
  • You end up arriving late to a party because you are rushing around to try and make everything yourself beforehand,
  • You get frustrated with family and friends who just don't understand or who try to help but get it wrong, 
  • You constantly are made to feel guilty because 'you are depriving your children'
  • You eat what's there so you can feel included, knowing full well the penalty you will suffer later.
  • You make up an excuse as to why you can't make it because it is all just too hard.
  • You spend any spare time you have in the kitchen coming up with new and exciting things you or your kids can eat that come close to the food being catered for. 
  • Some well meaning friend or family member feeds your child without your consent.. 'surely just a little bit won't hurt?'

The list goes on.. I am sure you have a few more of these yourself.

Whether you've been doing this for a long time or you are at the beginning of your 'alternative' food journey, the symptoms are the same.

In my family, most of us have some kind of allergy or intolerance, so in some ways we are lucky and there's always something that you can eat.  It does get hard when people are avoiding different things, but at least the understanding is there. 

Some of the most popular items we sell are treats and we can always tell the orders for parties. We love sending these out to you as we know how much it means to you to feel as 'normal' as possible. 

Check out our party food collection here: 

Here are some of our tips for surviving social gatherings

  • Eat beforehand and take a few things to nibble on that are 'safe.'
  • Stash some emergency supplies in your bag in case the food available is not suitable. 
  • Have a cooking frenzy once a month where you cook up a range of different savoury and sweet dishes and freeze them so they are ready to go when you need them.
  • Send a bag filled with 'safe' treats to school with your child so that there is always something they can have when 'something comes up' and treats are handed around.
  • Ring a caterer beforehand to discuss your requirements and suss out if they can cater for you.
  • Keep a supply of store bought supplies on hand for those times you just don't have time or can't be bothered making anything. 
  • Remind yourself or your child that food is not the most important part of being with others and that you can still enjoy their company without needing to eat the same food.
If you are in Melbourne, arrange your gathering at our Cafe and we can prepare food that suits your whole group.  Just because it is free from does not mean it is 'flavour free.' OR come and talk to us about our catering options and what food we can provide your party.




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