hopper HQ Dairy Free Easter Eggs - Our Story

hopper HQ Dairy Free Easter Eggs - Our Story

Do you have special dietary needs and find Easter challenging, because you can't have the chocolate you'd just so love to have?

Are you tired of watching everyone else eat their yummy beautiful chocolates while you miss out?

We've done this many times over. Having kids with severe food intolerances as babies and then diets changing over time, we had to constantly adapt and find options to cater for their changing needs, especially when it came to Easter. We've done potato/ icing sugar eggs, plastic eggs with toys inside, lollies in plastic shells, white chocolate, carob chocolate, organic chocolate. I think we've almost done it all. 

For the kids its mostly always been about the joy of the hunt, more than the chocolate itself, but to see the looks on their faces when they get something they know is special and that others would be excited about and maybe even a little jealous of.. is priceless. 

Over the years, since we first started making the white eggs for our most sensitive customers, there has been a definite growth in the market in options that are available for people who need or choose to avoid different ingredients. 

We also know that even with a wide range of eggs out there, people don't always want the same thing every year, or they need to avoid traces. Having the use of our new  'dairy, gluten, egg and nut free' kitchen, we have finally been able to realise a long term dream of creating chocolatey solutions that not only taste delicious, but that also have a 'wow' factor.

We've tried very hard to come up with a range of options, so that there is something for everyone. All of our eggs are gluten, dairy, egg and nut free. None of our products contain artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

A couple of varieties are FODMAP (below) friendly and most are also vegan. 

 Rainbow Freckle Egg         Hopper Rainbow Marshmallow Egg

Rainbow Freckle          Rainbow Marshmallow    MInt 

White Chocolate Eggs

We've always done the white eggs for our most sensitive customers, but we wanted to make some eggs that were extra special. Eggs that would leave your friends and family wondering where theirs are. 

There are four white eggs which are suitable on the failsafe or RPAH strict elimination diet. Or for people who maybe get migraines from the cocoa butter or mass that is present in 'normal' chocolate. 

You can choose from:

 Hopper white marshmallow dairy free egg       Hopper white honeycomb dairy free egg     Hopper white rocky road dairy free egg

White Marshmallow   White Honeycomb     White Rocky Road

And.... an adults only White Butterscotch Vodka - with a gooey centre that is sure to delight.

 Hopper white butterscotch soft centre vodka dairy free egg

The white eggs are made with a soy based chocolate. These are not vegan.

Original Dairy Free Chocolate Eggs

In the original chocolate range we have 7 different varieties to choose from. All are gluten, dairy, egg and nut free and all are vegan. 


hopper dairy free sprinkle marshmallow egg  hopper dairy free soft centre cointreau egg   hopper dairy free raspberry watermelon chocolate egg  hopper honeycomb dairy free egg

Soy or No Soy?

These eggs are made with a chocolate that does not contain soy flour. It does however contain soy lecithin, that unfortunately due to labelling laws we cannot label as soy free, even though most people do not consider soy lecithin as an allergen because it is so highly processed.  

We do also have soy based eggs in many of the varieties for people who prefer this. 



Which ones can I have?

All of these eggs below are gluten, dairy, egg and nut free and vegan. With additional groups listed beside the name.

Mint Egg - FODMAP friendly No Soy except Soy Lecithin.

Rainbow Freckle - FODMAP friendly. No Soy except Soy Lecithin

Rainbow Marshmallow - FODMAP friendly. Contains soy.

Raspberry and Watermelon - No Soy except Soy Lecithin.

Honeycomb - No Soy except Soy Lecithin.


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  • Frances Burgess
    Frances Burgess

    I have a grandchild, no soy, dairy, wheat have you got something,he can have, regards Frances Burgess

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