Shop local and support local families - OUR BIG NEWS

Shop local and support local families - OUR BIG NEWS

Shop local and support local families

The team at Allergy Train are very proud to be able to offer you a very real alternative to the big three supermarkets. The combination of our retail store, Prom Coast Food Collective affiliation, and now our NEW super exciting organic fruit and vegetable bags mean you can say goodbye to excessive packaging, old tasteless produce and chemical laden products.

Say hello to clean, seasonal, nutrient dense, locally sourced food.
Connect your kitchen to Australian farmers without the middleman and spend your money directly supporting the people who care for our great country's farming land. Together we can create a healthier local food system for all.


What are these options and how do they work?
Allergy Train is a specialty food store. It's special because all of our products are natural and free from unfavourable additives. Almost all of our products are free from: gluten, egg, dairy, & nuts. We also have a large vegan offering.
Free from foods are not foods without flavour, quite the opposite. Our products and frozen meals are sourced & designed to satisfy the whole family. Come on in and have a look around, you will be pleasantly surprised!


local food displaying in the shelve     

Prom Coast Food Collective is a group of 20 local Victorian farming families who have joined forces to create an offer that is quite unique. They have formed a coop of sorts. Each month they take one day off from tending to the farm. On this day they gather to collate the orders that have come in, once done they travel to a number of pick up points to deliver their goods. For the first time this month they will be delivering to Allergy Train in Hampton East the first and only metro location.

prom coast food collective group photo

Organic Fruit and vegetables. This is our newest offer. Starting from today 3.5.18, you will can order mixed bags of Australian organic fruits and vegetables online by midday Tuesday and then collect in-store every Thursday. Each week our pickers will go to the market in the dark whispers of the early, early morning and collect the best of the best organic produce available. This bounty will then be packed into old school brown paper bags and available for pick up that same day. (I think that makes us the real fresh food people 😉).

* The bags come in three sizes and each size has three options including:

          - fruit only,

          - veg only,

         - or a combination of fruit and veg.

* Our Chef Sonia is looking forward to sharing some hints and tips on how to get the best out of the produce we all receive each week. 

Share this post with anyone and everyone, it will spread the word and hopefully encourage more communities to come together for the purpose of sourcing the best local food they can get their hands on, and keeping their hard earned cash in the pockets of local families xx

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