Sweet Potato Brownies– By Carly Trigg

Sweet Potato Brownies– By Carly Trigg

These are probably my favorite brownie recipe EVER (although these Caramel Chocolate Brownies do come a veryyy close second!) I love these particularly because they’re incredibly indulgent yet good for you! Sweet potatoes replace the butter usually added to brownies and the dates replace the heaps of sugar.

And before you start quibbling about “Will the sweet potatoes make the brownies taste weird?” No – the sweet potatoes don’t mean the brownies taste starchy. Rather, the starch is cooked out at the beginning, simply leaving a naturally sweet and satisfying filling. I add 4 tablespoons of cacao powder, but if you have a real sweet tooth and feel the brownies would be lacking without a realllly chocolatey taste, add another tablespoon or two.

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