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Cookie Christmas Tree

Cookie Christmas Tree 0

Have some fun with kids in the kitchen and make these sugar cookie Christmas trees. Use hopper natural colours, pearls, festive 100's and 1000's or choose your own decorations.
Fun with naturally coloured drinks

Fun with naturally coloured drinks 0

My kids love to experiment with the Hopper colours whenever they have the opportunity. You would laugh if you heard some of the ways in which we have used them over the years. This Christmas, they were drawn to the lemonade bottle in the fridge, which we had saved for special occasions and visitors. They wanted to see what would happen when they added the colours to the lemonade and were especially interested to see how the new black colour would turn out.

Black lemonade

 Imagine the possibilities for themed parties: green and yellow for Australia Day, Footy team colours, red and green for Christmas, orange and black for Halloween etc etc.

My Minecraft mad children decided the blue was healing potion,

You can add the colours to almost any liquid to change the colour, water, milk and even juice can be made a different colour depending on what effect you are after.

Best of all the colours are gluten, dairy, egg, nut and soy free. They are also vegan friendly. Check them out in our store.

A fun idea for your next themed party.