Natural And Artificial Food Chemicals

Natural And Artificial Food Chemicals

Most foods fall into categories due to their chemical content, whether natural or artificial. Many people find it hard to believe that natural chemicals found in fruits and vegetables and other foods important for good health could be a problem. It is true. Since the 1960’s people such as Dr Feingold, and others such as Dr Anne Swain and colleagues at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney have been researching the effects of such chemicals on a whole range of symptoms such as irritable bowel symptoms, mood and behaviour changes. For those who experience food intolerances to food chemicals, the results of an elimination diet are no less than impressive.

Information adapted with permission from the Food Intolerance Network.

Note: Some people also have difficulty with natural colours and flavours, particularly people with salicylate sensitivities.

Reactions commonly experienced from consumption of food additives include IBS type symptoms such as headaches, bloating, mood and behaviour changes, extreme fatigue.   For more information about about food chemical intolerances, how to diagnose them and how to undertake an elimination diet the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital booklet is available. It is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor and a dietitian before undertaking a restricted diet. If it’s not done properly, you can miss intolerances or become malnourished from being on a restricted diet.   For more information about food additives go to the Food Intolerance Network.

At Hopper HQ, we aim to be a source of nutritional and food hypersensitivity information to guide you in your journey through an elimination diet or in learning to live on a restricted diet. However, the information provided on our site is for educational purposes only and should never be used to diagnose food hypersensitivity or other medical conditions. It is very important you talk to a health professional such as a doctor and a dietitian before you undertake any kind of dietary elimination process or restricted diet.

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