Kids and Food Intolerance- 13 years on.


Last Sunday was my son's 13th birthday. It's was proud moment for me but also a sign of getting older and no one wants to be reminded of that right?

It's also a reminder of 13 years of dietary investigation and management to keep him healthy. It's been a tough road at times, trying to piece together the puzzle as you investigate and learn new things. Now that he is so much more safe with his food choices, i find i do have to remind him of his past and why we do what we do, because he does not remember much anymore. One only hopes he will take this with him into adulthood.

I guess the fact that he has forgotten, is a good thing, as it means we are mostly reaction free. A few months back,  I did however discover the cause of a symptom that i could not put my finger on and this has him somewhat motivated 'for now' to make good choices.

So what did we discover???

For as long as we could remember, he had not felt hungry enough to eat ALL of his dinner, even if he did not snack. He eats less than my 9 year old, who also has similar food intolerances. He was always getting into trouble for not eating his dinner and it made him feel quite sad. We tried lots of different things to see if anything would help, but we could not seem to figure it out. Priority was relatively low as life got in the way and it didn't seem so important when everything else about him was relatively smooth.

Then at Easter, Mr 13, gorged a on some chocolate, one that we knew was a relatively safe option for him. I found over the first week or two after Easter, the kids were fighting a lot, scatterbrained and more sensorially sensitive than usual. I decided to block all of their chocolate consumption for a time. Even the smallest amounts in choc chip biscuits or chocolate bliss balls for example.

I did not think too much more about it, but after about 3 weeks, Mr 13, suddenly started eating ALL of his dinner, which he had not done for many years. When this happened three nights in a row, i got to wondering what it could be that has made such a change?

Then, suddenly i had a light bulb moment and realised it was the chocolate that was causing him to not feel hungry. How funny it is sometimes that you ignore certain symptoms, that you think are related to other things,. until that one day...…

So, now we all are back to a 'chocolate' free diet. It's taken a bit of time to get used to, but there are still alternatives when we get that craving, so its definitely worth the effort. It is also a bonus is that i don't get the headaches that come with overdosing on chocolate.

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