Surviving Food On The Plane

Surviving Food On The Plane

We have recently traveled to Europe and I wanted to document how we managed with three members of our family on a limited diet. I thought that it might inspire you to consider taking a trip too.

These days my two kids and i are just gluten free as well as additive free, so not crazily restricted, but enough to still be a challenge. I’d heard that Europe was pretty good for additive free so we took a risk and only took a small selection of foods with us in our packed luggage.

On our international flight out of Australia, we took with us a backpack each full of snacks and foods that could pass as meals if the meals on the plane were not suitable.

We packed sandwiches, muesli bars of various types,  home made sweet muffins, savoury muffins, chips, popcorn, milky bars, lollies, gluten free Weetbix. We also packed a rice dish with mixed beans and vegetables although we did not end up needing this.

We also took in our carry on luggage a portion of each of our breakfast cereals and in our checked luggage a tetra pack milk so that when we arrived late at night, we did not have to go searching for suitable foods or take any unnecessary risks.

On the plane we ordered a gluten free meal and I figured that with the snacks we had as well as being able to eat at least something on board we would make it through. One of the meals was breakfast which was an omelette which I decided was low risk. Another meal was a dinner of chicken with a mild sauce. My gut feeling was that it was not a packet sauce, but just in case wiped off the sauce and ate the chicken and vegies. No reactions.

We still managed to eat nearly all of the food we packed for our carry on each, so if you need to avoid all airline food, you’ll need to be sure to pack a lot of food.

The kids had their own food packed in their own hand luggage along with books, games etc for the plane. I gave them the freedom to eat whenever and whatever they liked on the plane. The only drinks were water and we just encouraged them to drink as often as they could.

Both boys were happy watching movies, playing games and eating for the entire trip. We managed a bit of sleep on each of the legs of the flight and arrived in Rome late at night so were ready for bed straight away.

Stay tuned for more on our experiences with Food in Italy.

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  • Jenny Trezise