100% Gluten Free Foods

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Are you gluten free?

There are usually three types of people who follow a gluten free diet

  1. Those with Coeliac Disease, an autoimmune disease where the protein in wheat, oats rye or barley damages the small villi in the small intestine. This means the gut cannot absorb food properly. It often leads to iron deficiency, weight loss, fatigue, bone deterioration - calcium loss.  These people need to follow 100% gluten free diet. If you are Coeliac, then you need to choose products only from this category.

  2. Those who are on a low FODMAP / Fructose diet.  Wheat based foods contain fructans/ fructose and need to be limited in people who cannot tolerate fructans. It is not gluten itself that causes problems, but inadvertently it means gluten free foods are generally suitable.

  3. Those with non - coeliac gluten intolerance. They may have been tested for Coeliac Disease and not had a diagnosis, but they just feel better when they don’t eat it. 

Gluten is a protein found in wheat and is in a surprising number of products. It is found in wheat, barley, rye. Oats are not allowed on a Coeliac gluten free diet unless the person has approval from their doctor as it contains a similar type of protein to gluten and can cause the same problems. Oats are also often contaminated in the silos they are stored in. We sell uncontaminated oats for people who are able to manage them. 

People who are either on a low FODMAP diet, who have non-coeliac gluten intolerance or who choose a gluten free diet can often tolerate small amounts of wheat or gluten and therefore can choose from our 'Gluten free ingredients' dietary filter as well as the 'Gluten free' collection. However this can be very individual and sometimes even small amounts will affect someone.

Do you need 100% gluten free foods or just no gluten in the ingredients?

If you need 100% gluten free foods, then shop with us for a great range of gluten free products including gluten free pasta, biscuits, lollies, gluten free sauces, cereals and more. We've taken the work out of it for you. Searching in this category, you will only find products that the manufacturer has declared as 100% gluten free. Some of our favourite gluten free brands include: Orgran, Well and Good, Nogo, Foddies, Hopper and more. But scroll up to find our whole range. All our products are free from artificial additives, so you can feel good knowing you are eating well and reducing the release of chemicals into our environment.

Labelling is tricky to understand with gluten free products. A manufacturer must have no detectable gluten in a product to be able to claim gluten free, but one who does not make a gluten free claim can have up to 20ppm before they have to declare it may contain gluten.

This Is why we only tell you the ones we know are 100% gluten free. If it does not matter to you then you can choose both categories.

We do have a large number of our products being either 100% free from gluten. So you should be able to find plenty of pantry staples and goodies if you need it.

If you don't need to worry about a product being 100% gluten free then you can choose from this category as well as the 'gluten free ingredients' collection.