Hopper Natural Cake Decorations and Food Colours

Hopper natural food decorations are vibrant and a great alternative to the artificial, chemically made colours that are known to cause behavioural and other issues for children. The colours are made from plant and vegetable concentrates and processed with water only and are therefore also great for the eco conscious.

Decorate your favourite themed cakes with our great range of natural colours, sprinkles and 100's and 1000's. 

All of our sprinkles except the gorgeous rainbow cake decorations are packed in individual colours so you can use them for your own creations without worrying about having a colour you don't want. You can make fire engines, trains, rockets, animals, princesses, fairies, ocean themes, pirates, superheroes, lego cakes, fairy bread cakes, Frozen themed cakes or popular gaming cakes like Minecraft & Super Mario, and only use the colours you need.

Your imagination is the limiting factor. 


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