This category is for 'health food' products that fit the 'free from' category in that they may be free from allergens or sugar or additives or fit other similar categories. These products may not be found in our allergen filter system as they may not fit our criteria for being as 'allergy free or additive free' as we'd like.

We are offering these products as we know that many people would like to make better choices with their food but for a variety of reasons cannot eat the way they would like as often as they like. 

We also know that there is a lot of food wastage of Short Dated or just over their Best Before Date as well as Not Quite Right products and we think that providing these options to you at a highly discounted price ( less than cost) is a great way to help you at the same time as reducing our impact on the environment.

If you wish to know more information about the sale of goods past their best before date please see 



If you are a distributor or store selling  'free from' foods that have short dates or for some reason NQR and you would like us to talk to us about adding these to our DISCOUNT range then please contact us info@allergytrain.com.au 


NQR And Shortdated 'Free From Foods'

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