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QV Intensive Body Moisturiser 100ml

Description: Soothing moisture for very dry and sensitive skin. Now, even the driest and most sensitive skin can feel soft and pampered with QV Intensive Moisturiser. This highly emollient intensive...

$5.50 $8.25
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Joan Breakey's Are You Food Sensitive?

Description: A unique book that outlines a practical method of working out exactly what you react to. Each person has their own individual variation to what they react to. Are...

$19.50 $25.00
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Jackie Nevard - Thai's Big Adventure in the City

Join Thai on his adventures as he prepares for the start of school. The third book in the series is aimed at 4 -7 year olds and their parents and...

$9.90 $14.99
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Joan Breakey's Fussy Babies Book

Description: We all enjoy watching a baby's development towards learning to walk. So why are other natural progressions like feeding and the introduction of solids sometimes so complicated and frustrating?...

$22.00 $27.50
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Are you looking for foods that you know are free from nuts and safe from contamination?

Our 'nut free' category only includes products where the manufacturer has declared the product as free from nuts.

Our favourite brands in the nut free category include; Orgran, Well and Good, Hopper & Sweet William. But scroll through to find our whole range. 


If you don't mind about possible traces of nuts, then you can also use our 'nut free ingredient' category.