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Organic Rice Malt Syrup Squeeze Bottle 500g

Description: A rice syrup that looks and tastes like honey. Great as a spread or used in cooking in place of honey. People with salicylate or on a Low FODMAP...

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Olive Green Organics Quinoa and Rice Spaghetti 300g

Description: This gluten free pasta is of an exceptional quality because it holds its shape well when cooked and has an enhanced nutritional profile. This product is particularly suitable for...

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Olive Green Organics Amaranth and Rice Penne 300g

Description: This gluten free pasta stands out for its quality and purity, it is very nutritious, no starches or vegetable gums are added to it. Forget homemade gluten free pasta....

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Olive Green Organics Quinitos Original

Description: A delicious and nutritious snack suitable for school as it is free of nuts! Ingredients: Organic Rice, organic Royal Quinoa, organic unrefined cane sugar. Friendly Food dairy free, egg...

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Are you looking for foods that you know are free from nuts and safe from contamination?

Our 'nut free' category only includes products where the manufacturer has declared the product as free from nuts.

Our favourite brands in the nut free category include; Orgran, Well and Good, Hopper & Sweet William. But scroll through to find our whole range. 


If you don't mind about possible traces of nuts, then you can also use our 'nut free ingredient' category.