Kids Party Food

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Would you prefer to offer children healthier kids party food that won't make them go hyper?

Do you supply all the food for parties because your child cannot eat what everyone else is eating?

At Hopper HQ we have a wide range of party food goodies that will make even those without special dietary needs jealous.  Gluten-free lollies, dairy, egg and nut-free cakes, mixes, decorations, chips, chocolate, natural play makeup and more. 
Our favourite brands are Hopper, Eskal, Silly Yak's, Well and Good, Orgran, Sweet William and Eco vital, Surf Sweets and Wholesome.
Our best sellers include our white musk sticks, white marshmallows, colour free fairy floss, dairy free chocolates, pear flavoured lollipops, koochikoo sugar-free lollipops, gluten-free honeycomb and vegan lollies. Oh and not to forget our hopper natural colours, sprinkles and 100's and 1000's.
If you want to make some fun with food, our food decorations can be used in so many different ways.
There are the obvious ones like 
  • Fairy Bread
  • Get kids to decorate their own cupcakes
  • Host a party where the activity is baking biscuits and then decorate them. 
  • Colour lemonade, water or milk with the natural food colouring.
  • Decorate ice-cream in a cone with melted chocolate and dip in sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.
Kids will love doing any of these activities themselves. All you need to do is supply the space and a range of different options for them to play with.
There are so many other things you can do:
  • Make chocolate freckles - or just shards. 
  • Use the colours to do science experiments  - volcanoes, tornado in a jar, oil and water and milk mixing experiment. There are many others. 
Kids parties need not be full of junk food that makes them go hyper.  There are so many alternatives now that make it so much easier to provide a healthier alternative. Yes, many of our products contain sugar, but they are all artificial additive-free, which is often the real reason why kids go crazy.   If you want any more info about this, check out the Fedup website by Sue Dengate
If you would prefer to avoid sugar completely we have a great range of packet mixes that are suitable on keto or diabetic diets. Sugar replacements such as erythritol and xylitol powders can be used in place of sugar. They act and taste like sugar but are natural alternatives.  Try the low carb pizza and pancake mixes your party guests will love and not even realise they are good for them. For the cake, try the vanilla or chocolate cupcake mix. If you need a low sugar icing PB Co even have an icing sugar that is sugar-free. 
With so many options available, no one needs to miss out. It’s so easy to cater for different dietary needs when you can finds that are suitable for everyone and yet taste so good, no one will ever know that difference. At Hopper HQ it is our mission to find and make foods for you that meet these criteria. Then you’ll make for some very happy faces when a child who would normally feel excluded or isolated is able to sit with everyone else and eat the same food as everyone else.  If you are dealing with a child with severe anaphylaxis there are special precautions you need to take with regards to contamination but always talk to the parents to let them know your plans and find out their level of comfort. Some kids are so extreme that parents may still want to bring their own but most are not and can easily be catered for with a bit of thought.
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