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Snacks and Treats

Cleaner Eating

It's a bit of an industry clich'e but at Hopper HQ we live by this mantra and we will only sell products that are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  We want you to feel reassured, knowing that every product you buy is a healthier choice. Healthier for you and healthier for the environment.  We know that additives can cause all sorts of problems for people, from irritable bowel syndrome to headaches, fatigue and many other symptoms including hyperactivity in children. It is for this reason, we won't sell products that contain them. 

The cleaner the ingredients in a product, the better for you and for the environment. It means less processing and more nutrients, and less chemicals entering our waterways.  

Sweets and treats just for you

We are always searching for new and exciting sweets and treats that meet our criteria. We want you to be able to confidently shop for gluten free lollies & biscuits, dairy free chocolates, gluten free crackers, lactose free and vegan treats and desserts and low FODMAP lollies or whatever it is you need or are craving. We look for products that not only meet your dietary needs but also taste great. We road test a lot of products before we make them available to you. We don't have the biggest range, but we do believe we have the best quality alternative foods available.

Living on an alternative diet does not need to be hard, you just need to know where to look for better options and we hope that you'll find everything you need right here.  A lot of people struggle on traditionally diets because they deprive themselves of foods they believe are ‘bad’ for them. Maybe these foods are not the most healthy options, but it is important to try and make your diet as ‘normal’ as possible even when making changes or when dietary change due to allergies or intolerances is necessary.

This is why we do our very best to find a range of treats, desserts, snacks and more that cater for your specific needs.  That way you can always have stash on hand, and you don't ever need to feel left out or deprived. You can get on with making the necessary changes and be confident in your choices, knowing you've made a healthier decision for yourself and your family and one that is sustainable no matter how long you need to follow that diet for.

Some of our most popular treats and snacks include:

  • Hopper White musk sticks,
  • Pascall and Eskal white marshmallows,
  • Orgran biscuits,
  • Alpro custards and desserts,
  • Surf sweets and wholesome lollies,
  • Sweet William chocolate, 
  • Hopper Honeycomb,
  • Moo free chocolate,
  • Bonvita chocolate,
  • Hopper pear or chocolate muffins,
  • Gluten free waffles,
  • Freedom mallows,
  • Eskal pretzels and pretzel sticks

We also make a range of goodies in our gluten, dairy, egg and nut free kitchen. Muffins, slices, chocolate freckles and more.  We even make our own Easter eggs so keep a look out for those early in the new year.