Hopper Chocolate Eggs


Are your customers looking for something exciting this year for Easter? 

Are they tired of having to watch others eat yummy things that they cannot have due to special dietary requirements?

We've create a range of Dairy Free Chocolate Eggs that are sure to make their friends and family jealous.

We are so excited about what we have created and we think you will be too.
All our eggs are Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten, Egg and Nut free.  A couple are also fructose friendly.

These are handmade solid eggs filled with a range of delicious goodies, including, honeycomb, marshmallow, watermelon jellies and we even have a couple of adults only soft centred liquor eggs.

 Hopper Dairy Free Chocolate Freckle Easter Egg        Hopper Dairy Free Chocolate Eater Egg Raspberry and Watermelon

These are just a few of the range. Click here for more

These gorgeous eggs are beautifully showcased in elegant boxes and will 'wow' your customers..  

*Rainbow Marshmallow
*Rainbow Freckle
*Raspberry and Watermelon
*Choc Mint

hopperhq dairy and gluten free rainbow sprinkle marshmallow easter egg   

Adults only
*Vodka Butterscotch – Soft Centre'

 *Cointreau – Soft Cent

Hopper Dairy Free Cointreau Soft Centre Chocolate Easter Egg   hopper vodka butterscotch soft centre easter egg